Posters were invented about two centuries ago as a visual bait to grab the attention of the general public to an event. This form of propaganda is believed to be the father of modern symbolism in art. These symbolic items soon paved their way from open streets and public areas to private homes and offices. In the present day, posters play an important role in decorating homes with minimalistic themes. The modern homes are reducing furniture items, expanding open space on the floor and switching towards natural and easy beauty from the houses that looked like a pompom show. The walls of the modern homes have become burdened with the sole responsibility of making the house look beautiful. The walls decorated with framed posters almost speak to the viewer. With a careful selection of frames, themes, art, age and type of print you can totally transform the boring walls into lively artistic dividers that are worth looking at.


The paint on the wall has some colour that makes its presence clear. Well-planned art display balances the loudness of these colours. They combine the constructive elements and then present them to the viewer.  They speak the personality of the building by balancing between the different colours of the wall, the frame and other display items.


The reception area of a commercial building sets the mood for its occupants and visitors. Their huge walls are the only space where people might pay attention and learn about the concepts. Pictures hung in the reception can make the everyday mundane activities more cheerful.


There are a hundred ways to play with the styles of display. You can frame it edge to edge or cushion in a mat. Mat allows ventilation to the paper of the poster, keeping it safe for a longer period of time. Adding a mat is not limited to one or two, it can be triple or even multiple times, depending upon the desired depth and bordering. The glossy posters are better preserved in a mat whereas the matte finish or durable blotch proof papers can be framed edge to edge.

The wall is an open display panel where decorations are not a luxury but a necessity. The figures and artefacts require regular dusting and maintenance whereas the posters only need a good wipe to shine in their glory. They are also more durable to sun fading as compared to paintings and pastel. Framed posters beautify the bare walls and enhance belongingness to the theme. 

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