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Amritsar is a holy city and has great importance for Sikhs. Golden Temple, also known as, Darbar Sahib or Harmandir Sahib (Abode of God) is a Gurudwara and a prominent place of pilgrimage for Sikhism. The foundation of Golden Temple was laid by a Muslim - Sai Mian Pir of Lahore, in 1589. It is a open boat of worship for all men and women from any caste, creed or colour.

Jallianwala Bagh, situated just round the corner from Golden Temple is a public garden, where General Dyer of British India, opened fire on innocent Indians taking part in a open meet on 13th April 1919. The bullet holes are still marked and left, as it is. It is a memorial of national importance.

Durgiana Mandir is another temple of religious importance for Hindus and the architecture is similar to the Golden Temple.

Amritsar is famous for it's delicious Amritsari Kulchas with Chana (chick peas). It is a hub of street food. About 30 kms from Amritsar is the famous Attari border where everyday lowering of the flags ceremony is held by both India's BSF and Pakistan's Pak Rangers. It's a must-see ceremony as the whole environment gets pretty energetic and patriotic on both the sides.

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