The living room is an inspiration to spend more time with your friends and family and when the place is intricately designed, the time turns quality and more. Many of us put our heart and soul while designing our living rooms and not always it ends up perfectly due to some or the other reason.

Did you not buy a perfect sofa or your walls don’t reflect what you imagined of. All this can get in sync once you choose and design wisely with our perfect living room décor ideas.

Décor of your living room entirely depends on its usage, size of the family and house, climate and geography. 

First, let’s master the trick of designing a small living room:

Increase the layout

Remove the unwanted walls, unnecessary doors and cupboards that just occupy half of the space. Redo the electricity points and sockets if needed so you don’t end up with a gauche layout. It is important to empty as much space as you can so as to design an entirely new layout that goes with the space that you have.

Store smartly

Those huge structures you made for Television sets, storing books, or showcasing decorative pieces occupy more space than the storage they offer. Concentrate storage where everything remains in one place rather than spreading across separate pieces. You can cover an entire wall for creating a contemporary cupboard to hold books, decorative pieces, and add drawer for smaller and important items like DVDs. Since you have smaller space, modular furniture can be designed that is apt for the room and enhance its look.  If some space is left, a small coffee table would complement the entire look.

Keep enough passage way

For a small space to look spacious and extra, use sofas and chairs that have visible legs rather than floor-touching furniture that overcrowd the room. No matter how cozy the room looks with floor-length upholstery, creating enough passage way will make your room look bigger and spacious.

Don’t let TV dominate

We know television is a big temptation for all of us but mind the space where sofa barely fit in. If your living room already has a fireplace, try positioning television in an alcove or recess. Always mount the TV on the wall rather creating TV cabinets that is just there to handle TV accessories.  It is always a better idea to measure the walls before positioning so that even the big screens don’t create major impact on the room leaving it redundant and boring.

Redo the lighting

Lighting always creates magic in the room. The traditional table lamps are must to add in the room to get an atmospheric lighting that is enough for relaxing and reading.  Dimmer lights add mood to the room while defusing that extra light.

For those of you who have enough space and money to reinvent your living room décor, there are thousands of ideas on the go. However, reading thousand ideas won’t be feasible for you, so we tried to section the basics and give you the perfect living room basics you need to rethink about.

Golden Rules to Buy a Sofa

When it comes to a living room décor, sofas play an important and most flashy part out of all. How can you not have a perfect couching experience when you are in a living room with popcorn in your one hand and TV remote in another?

Trying out a fresh design can be highly daunting. Not anymore, follow these rules and enjoy your Sofa experience.

Don’t buy without try

Your ideal sofa seat depth is somewhat around 60 cm- the space enough to be comfortable enough for those long legs and heavy base. However, you can always decide by trying making people of different shapes and sizes to sit on it and feel comfortable. Well, for your information, seat depths do vary in different sofa shapes and sizes. Don’t fall for those tricky looking large but actually small sofas which could make you uncomfortable while lounging on it. Talking about the seat height, most designs are between 45cm and 50cm high. There’s no measuring standard for height so try it before you buy in order to make sure it appeals to the whole family. Finally, inspect the entire width, without armrests, if stretching out is the favoured activity.

For traditional comfort, classic high back sofas are ideal for lazing round for hours with a book in hand and coffee on table. Classic sofas enhance your couching experience while giving an all new comfy look to your newly designed living room.

Choose the right frame

Quality sofa frame certainly enhances your living room décor. It is imperative that you spend years with that sofa in your room. Meaning thereby is to buy a strong framed sofa that comes with at least 5 years guarantee. Most manufacturers boast heavily about the guarantee but fall short while delivering the quality. A solid hardwood frame is a great option to start with. Avoid board or metal constructed frames.

The Chedworth sofa is a full sized sofa that comes with strong frame in which you can also customize for narrower seat depth and smaller arms. With great frame, it will also save a lot of space for you in the room to walk around.

Comforting Cushions

There is no way you cannot heed to what’s inside a sofa when you pay much attention to the outside. Full size back cushions draped in bright covers are high on comfort and offer vibrant color to the living room. For seat cushions to live a long happy life, choose a combination of feather and foam as ‘feather giver the squish while the foam provides structure.’ For back cushions, feather filling is apt and perfect.

Traditional sofas are always an elegant choice to make if you have built your dream living room after years of hard work. It is an all-rounder and most popular in almost all sofa brands. Turned legs and neat arms make this sofa perfect for a comfortable and homely sofa.

Apart from color, design, finesse and your personal style, these rules would definitely help you buy a perfect sofa that goes with the entire theme of your room. 

Second on the list of creating a perfect living room décor are the designer walls. Boring plain walls are certainly not a deal breaker. Play with your walls to give it a more homely yet elegant feel. Let’s discuss how?

Greek Island Walls

Well, it is not as complicated as it looks with the name. Here you ditch the boring plain whites, go for Santorini whitewashed walls that gives a 3D wall effect but are relatively easy to design. It gives an overall appeal to your living room as if you are hanging around in Greece. For a more beach like effect, add a passageway in the room filled with sea stones. That’s only up to your discretion.

Window walls

If walls are too boring for you, you can always glass up your living room by installing large square windows that allows enough daylight to enter into your living room. Natural lights are always a win win. Besides, it helps you save a lot of electricity during day time.

Artwork Walls

Something entirely in trend amongst contemporaries, huge artworks hanging on plain walls accentuate the entire living room décor. Choose your painter or artists wisely though!! The artwork walls dictate the design by subtling down the entire arena and offering a look that is surreal and artistic at the same time. Choose the furniture accordingly.

Artistic Walls

Here’s some math to do. Artwork or artistic? Well, when we talked about hanging the artwork we meant the above. Artistic walls could be created by painting something personal or natural on your walls. Also, you can use some fancy city posters respective to the city you live in. However, that’s one task to find such posters while driving down the errands, but here at the, you can find some best hand-made posters that keep the soul of the city intact in the posters while giving your living room an altogether different look.

Concrete Walls

Well, that’s no brainer, your entire house is made of concrete so what’s different here.  You can always have a portion of your walls left concrete without any pain so that it gives a total sculpted feel. To add to the feel, add a few sculptures to the whole living room décor and create a concrete living room while keeping comfy and cozy with furnishings and furniture.

Bohemian Walls

For the living rooms of textile designers, bohemian walls are one of the best pick. Cover your wall with linen bohemian textile and sync the sofa, arm chairs and other furnishing with the wall. You can even make your wall bohemian by hanging traditional Suzani on your main living room wall.

With all these walls, it is easy and fun to rev up your living room while keeping tone minimalist and sophisticated.

Camouflage Walls

Camouflage walls are most interesting ones when it comes to adding fun to your otherwise boring living room. Green and white stripes, black and white, red and black- choose your stripes or pattern according to the furnishing of your room and see the magic. Well, don’t get lost in those camouflaged walls later on.

What else that could change the entire look of your living room without having to make enough changes. Rugs! Yes, a right rug is enough to make a big impact in your living room space and area rug can do all the more magic. Rugs can accent colors together, add pattern, or even soften hard edges.

Factors to consider while choosing a rug:

  • Size is important when choosing an area rug. Bigger or smaller rugs could make things chaotic
  • Colour of your new rug looks perfect if it reflects at least two of your accent colors.
  • Comfort is foremost; it should feel good under your feet.
  • Care for your rug or buy one which you could maintain in long run.

Pretty boho rugs

No, boho rugs with boho walls would be too much of color to handle. If you are thinking of going little boho, then adding a vibrant rug might be a good idea. If you love fun in your life so would you in your living room. Adding vibrant reds or pinks that are easy on eyes would be easier on floor. Adding a fun boho rug would change the look of your living room at one instant.

Natural rugs those aren’t boring

How’s that possible? Many natural colored statement rugs are available in market that could add an accent to your living room décor. Naturals are never boring when experimented with pattern and theme. Besides, naturals are always safe and create powerful presence.

A traditional rug with a contemporary twist

Many contemporaries are turning traditional in their style to keep u with the trend of being unique. Similar thoughts can be induced in a living room by choosing a timeless style rug that can go with a modern vibes of today. Look for contemporary patterns in traditional colors and see how it will enhance your overall living room décor.

Black and White Rug

If you are inclined to a bit drama at times, the black and white rugs add little decorating surprise to the whole room. When you don’t want to add more color, black is a gutsy choice to make. Black and whites could also be used as a neutral.

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